Baby Driver Movie Review



“Baby Driver”


Rotten Tomatoes: 93%


Movie Matter: 8/10


Release: 2017


Genre: Action/Drama/Thriller




Written and directed by Edgar Wright, “Baby Driver” stars Ansel Elgort, as Baby, an emotionally damaged young man, whose mistakes as a child landed him in debt to a mysterious crime boss, “Doc” (Kevin Spacey). 

Doc finds Baby at a very young age boosting his car, and instead of reporting him, he forces Baby to be his exclusive getaway driver. Baby is a prodigy, and he makes getaway driving look easy, and stylish.

As a child, Baby lost both of his parents in a car crash, which caused permanent damage to his hearing. To drown out his “hum in the drum”, Baby listens to music 24 hours a day, and lives with his foster father, Joe, who is a deaf black man.

Jamie Fox, John Hamm, and Jon Berenthal highlight an all star cast, and act as the muscle in the heist operations. A lot of J’s, and a lot of talent. I thought all three were excellent in their roles of Bats, Buddy, and Griff respectively.

When Baby meets a girl at the local diner, Debora (Lily James), he is ready to get out of the game, but only after he completes one final job for Doc. You’ll have to see for yourself what happens from there!

I thought Ansel Elgort was awesome as Baby, and I can’t picture anyone else playing the character. I thought “Baby Driver” was a fantastic original, and one of the better movies I’ve seen in recent years. It features a great soundtrack, multiple iconic characters, and will soon be considered a classic.



I don’t like to oversell movies, but this movie is awesome, and an absolute must see. People are always surprised that I liked this movie so much, but I don’t see why, it’s a great story with an awesome cast! I highly suggest you check it out! Overall, I’m giving “Baby Driver” 8 out 10 stars!

Grab your popcorn!