Fractured Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes: 61%
Movie Matter: 7/10 ’s
Release: 2019
Genre: Thriller
Available: Netflix (Original)


“Fractured” is an intense psychological thriller from start to finish, and a must-see for Netflix-users! This Netflix Original features Sam Worthington, who is best known for his role as Jake Sully in James Cameron’s Avatar (2009), the highest grossing film of all time ($2.7 billion).

The talented Australian actor plays the role of Ray Monroe, a recovering alcoholic who is far from “the perfect father”, nor “the perfect husband.” In his defense, Ray does his best, and is a well-intentioned and sympathetic character. 

Lily Rabe co-stars as Joanne Monroe, a sympathetic, and understandably concerned wife. The couple shares a six-year old daughter named Peri, who seems to be the only reason the couple is still together.

The movie opens with Ray, Joanne, and Peri (the whole Monroe Clan) traveling home from Joanne’s Family Thanksgiving Dinner Party, and tensions are running high. I guess the holidays will do that to you (love a good dad joke).

Shortly into the awkward car-ride home, Peri pulls the classic young kid move and asks to stop for a bathroom-break (ten minutes into the car ride), and so the family pulls into the nearest rest-stop, which is beyond sketchy.

For a brief moment, Peri goes missing, and panic starts to set in for the already stressed-out couple. Luckily, Ray is able to locate Peri relatively quickly, but she is in grave danger. As Ray approaches, there is a hungry-looking wolf circling around a terrified Peri that appears to be looking for a quick meal (maybe a little Peanut Butter and Peri Sandwich).

Ray is able to scare the wolf off by throwing a rock at the wild animal, but it also causes Peri to slip and fall into a shallow pit next to the gas station. Ray does his best to leap in and catch her, but fails miserably, and hits his head pretty hard on the concrete, knocking him out cold.

When Ray awakens, Joanne is relieved to see that Ray and Peri have only suffered minor injuries. Peri walks away with just a minor arm “fracture”, and Ray serious blow to the head, so they decide it best to stop in at the nearest hospital.

Once admitted to the hospital, the doctor informs Ray and Joanne that Peri must undergo a CAT Scan before she can be discharged, which is an odd procedure for someone with a fractured elbow.

Regardless, Joanne accompanies Peri to the X-Ray unit in the basement of the hospital, while Ray waits in the lobby, and ends up falling asleep. Hours later, Ray wakes up and asks the hospital staff when he’ll be able to see his wife and daughter, and that’s when thing really start to escalate.

The hospital receptionist informs Ray that there are no records of either Joanne or Peri ever being admitted to the hospital. To make matters worse, all of the staff members have changed shifts while Ray was napping, so there is no one to confirm that the two were ever there. Ray believes the hospital is hiding something, is ready to do whatever it takes to find his family.

Overall, “Fractured” was a solid movie with a very talented cast. Sam Worthington is a genuinely conniving actor, and I think he was the ideal for this role. Lily Rabe was also excellent, and I wouldn’t be shocked if her performance lands her more significant roles in the future.

Lastly, I think the on-screen chemistry between Worthington and Rabe was undeniable, and would love to see the two pair up again in the future. Overall, I’m giving “Fractured” 7/10 Bananas.