The Invitation Movie Review

“The Invitation”

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88%

My Score: 7/10 stars

Available: Netflix


The Invitation was a solid movie, especially if you’re into horror and/or suspense films. With that being said, I think this movie is definitely worth a watch! The Invitation had some “Get Out” vibes to it, which I think makes sense based on their similar plots. If you enjoyed “Get Out”, you are definitely going to want to check this movie out!

The protagonist in the movie is Will, who is a well-intentioned, yet extremely uptight individual. Will and his girlfriend receive an invitation to a dinner party that is being hosted by Will’s ex-wife (Eden) and her new husband! To make things a little more uncomfortable, the dinner party is being held at Will’s old house, which Eden and her new husband now share. On their way to the party, Will and his girlfriend hit a wild animal crossing the road, which is eerily similar to the deer accident scene in the movie “Get Out.” I hope Get Out’s director didn’t “Peele” any material off of this movie.

Initially, things at the party seem normal and everyone is excited about the friendly reunion, but Will has a more sinister theory on the gathering. The reason for the party becomes evident toward the middle of the movie, and the director does a great job of dropping hints along the way. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that things get pretty “culty”, pretty fast. If you are into cults or anything along those lines, this movie is a must watch!

Overall, I think that the Invitation is a solid movie that really gets your mind racing. Again, definitely a great flick for horror, suspense, and mystery fans. There’s a lot of quality foreshadowing, hint-dropping, and misdirections that keep you guessing (and second-guessing) yourself throughout the movie. I think one drawback is that some of the key hints/clues could have been more subtle, but other than that I thought it was a solid flick. All things considered, I’m giving the Invitation a 7 out of 10 stars.