The Upside Movie Review

“The Upside”

Rotten Tomatoes: 42%

Movie Meter: 5/10 s

Release: 2017

Genre: Comedy-Drama


The Upside” is an awkward, feel-good comedy starring Kevin Hart and Brian Cranston, the latter being best known for his role as Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Kevin Hart, (need no introduction) takes on the role of Dell Scott, a “hartless” dead-beat dad fresh out of prison, and looking for employment as part of of his parole requirements. Lucky for Dell, Phillip (Brian Cranston), a paralyzed and recently-widowed billionaire is looking for an in-home caretaker/personal assistant.

Phillip hires Dell instead of the other more qualified candidates because he sees something special in Dell, he sees what he lost when he was paralyzed. He sees hope. Hope and forgiveness are messages that should not be lost on this movie especially in this crazy world.

Dell’s character is a good guy at “hart”, and ultimately wants the best for his family, which is similar to Hart’s personal life outside of acting. If you get the chance, check out Kevin Hart’s “Short” on Netflix. It’s only like 45 minutes, and worth checking out. Nicole Kidman plays Phillip’s personal secretary/assistant Yvonne, and I thought she was great,. I’m not just saying that either, because I’m not a big fan and I think she’s batshit crazy in real life.

Director Neil Burger, best known for directing Limitless (2011) did a solid job of creating a realistic feel out of what seemed to be a boring and predictable script. I thought it was a well-acted movie that had its’ dark moments. There were a lot of gimmicky “old white man – young black man” mishaps and misunderstandings that were funny and appropriate to laugh at (I think).

Overall I thought “The Upside” had a great cast, and was well-acted, but it lacked a convincing script because of its predictability. Overall, I’m giving the Upside 5 generous ‘s out of a possible 10.